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Case Studies > Turnkey Group Management > Managing medium sized care home group in administration

Scenario: Regal Care, a mid sized care group went into administration and BDO LLP, the administrators, appointed HCRS team members to manage the group. The group had several homes with quality and commercial concerns. Outcome: The Group was managed for three years by the team and all quality issues were turned around and remained stable in that period. Occupancy improved from 430 to 500 before the Group was sold to another operator above market value. Management and staff turnover dropped significantly. Innovative solutions driven by technology were introduced to improve outcomes for residents. This enabled the Administrator to have their...

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Case Studies > Commercial Turnaround > Reducing agency hours to improve profitability

Scenario: A mid sized care home group was using around 1400 agency hours per week. Outcome: This was reduced to under 300 agency hours per week using innovative methods including housing staff in rented accommodation. ___ Scenario: A large national care home group was paying agency premium of £25-£45 per hour for nursing staff and was unable to attract nursing staff in a difficult area. Outcome: An attractive offering was put together to attract new staff which is estimated to reduce costs by around £650k per annum for a cluster of 12 homes.

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Case Studies > Commercial Turnaround > Improving weekly fees to enhance bed yields

Scenario: Medium sized care home group had local authority to self-pay ratio of 80/20 with a number of under-invested properties presenting themselves below competitors. Outcome: Self-pay clientele were increased 10% year on year in difficult market conditions with significant fee uplifts. The client mix changed from 80/20 to 70/30 (local authority to self pay ratio) with some homes achieving 60/40. ___ Scenario: A large Top 5 operator had over 80% in state funded residents and under-funded clients including one to one and health authority funded. Outcome: A 3-4 month drive yielded higher private fees, clients being re-assessed to receive health...

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Case Studies > Commercial Turnaround > Better roster management to improve profitability

Scenario: Fulcrum's team members have worked with large (Top 5) and medium sized care home groups and small providers who operated on payroll to revenue ratios as high as 90% (nursing) and 85% (residential) Outcome: The team has been able to achieve payroll to revenue ratios of 55%-57% for nursing homes and 40%- 45% for residential homes.

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Case Studies > Commercial Turnaround > Improving occupancy to avoid closure and ensure long term viability

Scenario: Woodlands Nursing Home, Purley had an occupancy of 33% for around three years and had been losing money to the tune of £200,000 per year. Outcome: Within 2-3 months the home had a contract with Croydon Council for “convalescence” beds with “minimum guaranteed beds”. It was full with a waiting list by the end of the third month. The home was trading profitably aided mainly by the occupancy uplift. ____ Scenario: Hawthorn Lodge Care Home, Nottingham had an occupancy of 23 out of 60. The parent company had gone into administration. Outcome: Within a year the home had an...

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